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2016 Season at The Gold Hill Inn/Bluebird Lodge

August 27 ** September 23, 34 ** October 7, 8, 22, 29

Murder 1905: The Peep Hole’s Choice
Want to relax and escape the heat in the beautiful mountain town of Gold Hill, just half an hour above Boulder? Come join the fun! This season, Til Death Do Us Party presents an election-year mystery full of folks that may seem oddly familiar, even though it's set in 1905: the rich and ruthless candidate, the female candidate who's got the experience, but not the personality, and a set of shady and hilarious characters. Sign up to be the number one sleuth that unravels the wicked web woven, in this turn of the century turn of events.

Call for details and reservations: 303.443.6461
or visit

Murder Mysteries by 'Til Death Do Us Party Productions
TDDUPP continues to wow audiences with their unique brand of mystery dinner theater.  Most recently Death Party hit pay-dirt with:  Murder 1973: Vengeance is Mayan. Performed at the historic Bluebird Lodge, take a walk on the wild side surrounded by ghosts and built-in eerie ambiance. 4-Course meals prepared by The Gold Hill Inn's Chef extraordinaire. Once the mystery is solved, join the cast next door for a drink and then fall into mountain comfort in one of the historically renovated hotel rooms, with a light breakfast for survivors! Or...we'll come to you (as long as you don't have white carpet!)  Call us, and choose from 22 different story-lines - each with an historical bent.  Great for corporate parties, family gatherings, and birthdays.

Call for details and reservations: 303.443.6461
or visit

'Til Death Do Us Party Productions is a unique theater company which provides suspense, humor and excitement with each performance.

Many companies bill themselves as "interactive" murder mystery companies, but 'Til Death Do Us Party Productions provides the real thing. Each murder is set in a particular year and our actors are trained in period mannerisms, history and styles.

Very often, a good knowledge of the historical events of the period can aid in solving the mystery. Guests are encouraged to dress in the costume of the period, however this is not a requirement.

Owners: Maggie Simms and David Brigham in front of
Gold Hill's Blue Bird Lodge

Join us for an unforgettable evening of Murder, Mystery and Intrigue!

(303) 473-0811 |